Planetary Aspects and Transits
for Windows

Calculates and displays world transits, natal transits and personal transits.

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Planetary Aspects and Transits Description

Editor: A Windows program to calculate aspects Between planets at a given date (Current date or birthdate). Also displays personal transits for either of two birthdates, and synastry for two birthdates. Has graphical and dynamical displays which show how transits change over time, and how the position of a transiting planet changes with respect to a natal planet. Supports both tropical and sidereal zodiacs. Detects Aspect patterns as well as aspects, and allows search for aspect patterns such as grand trines, kites, yods and grand crosses.

You do not have to know much about astrology to benefit from using this program. But you must have some basic understanding of the meaning of aspects and transits (explained in the user manual) and the character of the planetary archetypes, which are explained in Richard Tarnas's book "Cosmos and Psyche". In this book he draws attention to the correlation between planetary aspects (mainly conjunctions and oppositions of the outer planets) and both world events and events in the LiVES of significant people. This software is useful for checking and confirming the evidence given in his book, as well as being a very informative complement to the usual astrology programs which calculate natal charts but don't have much to say about transits.

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What's New in Planetary Aspects and Transits 8.15

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Planetary Aspects and Transits Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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